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Working out drains you of several important ingredients that help your realise your potential in the gym. Carbohydrates are just one of the substances within your body that are greatly lowered during exercise. Carbohydrates are a necessary evil when it comes to stockpiling the energy necessary to perform your best when working out. They provide power for your body. However, too many carbohydrates can be bad news. Ingesting an excessive amount can lead to unsightly fat buildup. This is obviously not the best thing for somebody looking for a toned down, sculpted body. But carbohydrates, protein powder and other similar supplements are excellent sources of power for your body when it needs it most. It’s hard to maximise the work you do without making them an important part of your diet. So how do you come to the right balance?

You don’t want to forego using protein supplements because you’re worried about gaining too much weight. That’s why low carb protein products from Supps R Us are such a valuable workout tool. Protein, which is made up of amino acids, is essential for building muscle. Low carb protein supplements can get you many of the great benefits of normal protein supplements with a few less drawbacks. The products will still provide you the important ingredients you need to generate muscle while working out without packing on the pounds. The low carb versions of protein products from great brands such as Dymatize, Dynamik Muscle and Gen-Tec are great options for those worried about theirs waistline.

Along with our wide range of fat burners and weight loss supplements, the low carb options from us here at Supps R Us can have you achieving the workout results you crave without getting upset when you step on the scale. All products come with free shipping, while most are also eligible for same-day dispatch. 

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  • Max's - Shred System

    From: $64.90
  • Max's - 100% Pure Whey Protein

    2 Review(s)
    From: $49.90
  • Cellucor - COR Performance Whey - 5LB | Twin Pack

    As low as: $151.84

  • Cellucor - COR Performance Whey - 2LB | Twin Pack

    As low as: $87.84


    3 Review(s)
    From: $69.90
  • GHOST - WHEY - 2LB | Expires August 2020

    From: $48.93
  • Mutant - Whey - 5lb | SUPER SAVER!

    From: $71.92
  • Gaspari Nutrition - MYOFUSION ADVANCED - 4lb | SUPER SAVER!

    From: $63.92
  • Giant Sports - 100% WHEY - 5lb | Expires August 2020

    From: $53.94
  • Mutant - Whey - 2lb | Expires August 2020

    From: $34.93
  • Mutant - Whey - 2lb | SUPER SAVER!

    From: $39.92
  • Giant Sports - 100% WHEY - 5lb | SUPER SAVER!

    From: $62.93

Items 1 to 12 of 27 total

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