Platinum Labs

Platinum Labs is an Aussie-based sport nutrition company with manufacturing labs in the United States. What sets the company apart from its competition is its dedication to investing in premium quality ingredients to produce its range of blends and formulas.

SuppsRUs is a proud partner of Platinum Labs and generally stocks a wide range of its products and general accessories on behalf of our Australian and international customers, at the most competitive price you’ll find online. In particular, we stock the Platinum Labs Optiburn Amped, a supercharged fat burner comprised of thermogenic ingredients designed to boost the body's metabolic rate and reduce food cravings; Defcon1, a controlled pre-workout formula designed to elevate your energy levels and workout performance without leaving you to crash or feel jittery post-consumption; and, Amino Grow, a BCAA blend of high quality intra-workout amino acids for optimal muscle growth, exertion and recovery.

Shop with us today and browse our collection of Platinum Labs products, or venture through to our wider range of products to find the perfect supplement to meet your workout and/or nutritional demands. Need some advice? Have a read through out nutrition page to learn everything you need to know about designing and maintaining a healthy diet that can support and help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

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