The PhD mission is simple: invest in athletes to create industry leading sport nutrition products and lifestyle supplements for the future. With a huge catalogue of premium quality products, the company creates blends and formulas for all athlete types, from beginner to advanced performers.

SuppsRUs is a proud partner of PhD and generally stocks a wide range of its products and general accessories on behalf of our Australian and international customers, at the most competitive price you’ll find online. In particular, we stock the PhD Pharma Gain, a lean muscle mass gainer rich in a blend of proteins and amino acids for sustainable growth, performance and recovery; Pharma Whey, a bio-engineered whey protein powder blend; and Pharma Greens, a whole food and herb blend of vitamins and essential minerals for increases in energy and general well being. 

Shop with us today and browse our collection of PhD products, or venture through to our wider range of products to find the perfect supplement to meet your workout and/or nutritional demands. Need some advice? Have a read through out nutrition page to learn everything you need to know about designing and maintaining a healthy diet that can support and help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

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