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Controlled Labs was founded in early 2005 with the goal of producing the highest quality products at a price that customers could actually afford. The company refuses to make any outlandish claims and, instead, stands by the results its products actually deliver in real world scenarios. All Controlled Labs products have, since the company first started, and continue to be made in a GMP certified for Sport Facility. This not only means that quality comes first in the production of our supplements, but also that there are no banned or illegal hormones produced in the plant, so there is no chance of cross contamination. This is not only important to drug tested athletes, but to amateur users as well, due to potential health detriments associated with undeclared hormones. Finally, we make products that actually taste good; like actual soft drinks. For Results, Quality, Value and Taste, Controlled Labs should be your first choice in Sports Nutrition Supplementation!

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  • Controlled Labs - GREEN MAGNITUDE

    From: $56.90
  • Controlled Labs - CARN MORE

    From: $30.90
  • Controlled Labs - ORANGE OXIMEGA FISH OIL

    From: $37.90
  • Controlled Labs - ORANGE TRIAD

    From: $59.90
  • Controlled Labs - BLUE UP | STIM FREE

    From: $44.90
  • Controlled Labs - BLUE UP

    From: $44.90
  • Controlled Labs - BLUE GENE

    From: $76.90
  • Controlled Labs - RED TRIM

    From: $43.90
  • Controlled Labs - RED GHOST

    From: $54.90
  • Controlled Labs - GREEN BULGE

    From: $47.90
  • Controlled Labs - CLA MORE

    From: $29.90

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