Athletic Performance Nutrition (APN) is dedicated to producing and offering to its global retailer and consumer bases the most advanced resistance and exercise training products and supplements on the market. What sets them apart from the competition is the time they spend testing and trialling all of the products they make, a process which sees everyone in the company (including the company directors) getting involved.

Their two flagship products, Rapid Shred and Intense are backed by hours of planning, research and testing and the results are incredible, with both products taking the bodybuilding and fitness world by storm. Rapid Shred is an advanced fat burner, packed with Carnitine, amino acids, CLA, raspberry ketones, coffee beans, and African Mango. The formula is guaranteed to supercharge your metabolism and strip the pounds off your frame. Intense is a pre-workout supplement that packs an almighty punch. Crawling with Beta Alanine, L-Tyrosine, L-Taurine, Citrulline, and a high quality creatine HCL, the formula is designed to take effect quickly and without the inevitable crash that often comes with pre-workout blends.

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