• Crunch Time

    Crunch Time.

    Usually Marco Laterza, fitness model and Polling strength coach, is not a big believer of performing too much abs work because he thinks that true core strength comes from performing the compound movements properly. Nevertheless, if you want to bring your abdominals to the next level, he suggests that you go through this (hard) core circuit that includes some of the same moves he did during his preparation for various cover shootings.Find out more about Marco and his body of work at


    Remember: If you want to make your abs grow you also have to strengthen them. We suggest using varitions, such as tempo, changing up the reps, etc. As with everything in weight lifting, the key is variation.


    Perform these exercises in a cycle, doing 10 to 15 reps (with the exception of the plank) and resting 10 to 15 seconds between each. Complete three rounds in total.

    Lie on a ball with your back to the weight stack. Grab the rope attachment behind you with your arms fully extended. Crunch up to about 30 degrees, then reverse.

    Hang onto an overhead bar and raise your knees (90 degrees). Turn feet inward and dorsiflex the feet. Reverse. Make it harder by extending your legs at the top before lowering.

    Get into a plank on your forearms. Tilt your pelvis posteriorly and put pressure on your elbows, toward your legs. Hold for about 15 seconds.

    Fasten straps around your ankles from the cable tower and lie on a decline bench. Bring your knees toward your chest and slowly return them to the start.

    Set the handles at shoulder height and lift your body from the ground below the handles. Keep the TRX steady as you move your legs back and forth slowly, like wipers.

    Kneel on a mat and grab a barbell on the floor with a shoulderwidth grip. Roll the barbell out until your arms are fully extended. Contract your abs and return to the start.

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    Written by Michael bachmann. Illustrations by Mark Collins.

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