• How Men in The 40+ Age Bracket Can Fine Tune Their Fat Loss Journeys

    Slow, sluggish body? Can’t lose weight using the same techniques that you used in your 20s and 30s? It’s time to get real and shed the fat the right way. If you’re a man aged 40 plus then it’s time to switch it up.

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  • Three great ways to shape up your shoulders

    Having firm, rounded shoulders can help you fill out your favourite outfits and have you looking extra sculpted when you hit the beach or pool. Strong shoulders can also help you bear the weight of other difficult physical activities. Here are some of the best shoulder exercises you can do to build up your muscles so they can handle the load of your fitness goals. Continue reading

  • Four ways to boost your biceps

    Big, bursting biceps are a dream for many workout warriors. Building up the muscles in your arms can be a rewarding experience that shows just how hard you’ve been pushing yourself. Here are four of the best bicep exercises you can do to get a full strong pump to your upper arms. Continue reading

  • The best quad exercises for powerful legs

    Your quads are an important source of power when it comes to working out. Building up the muscle in the upper region of your legs will help you perform powerful movements that can pile on the muscle mass. Here are some of the best quad exercises you can do to establish a strong platform for the rest of your body. Continue reading

  • Strengthen your core with four of the best lower ab exercises

    Achieving the sculpted abs you dream of requires determination and a lot of hard work. The trouble for many people is their lower ab section, affectionately known as the pooch. Here are some of the best lower ab exercises to get rid of that dreaded pooch. Continue reading

  • Lose weight fast! Four of the best exercises for weight loss

    Whether you want to lose the winter pounds, get back to the weight you used to be, or simply get yourself into better shape, there is plenty you can do to reach your goals. So, what do you need to do to get there – and of course, what exercise is best for weight loss? Continue reading

  • Get summer-ready with five of the best tricep exercises for women

    No one likes a bingo wing. Especially when summer rolls around and it comes time to take out all those singlets and short-sleeved tops from the back of the wardrobe. If you’re ready for summer but your arms are not, then it’s time to get to work on them. So, how do you firm up those arms so that they’re toned, strong and oh-so hot? Continue reading

  • Five excellent thigh exercises!


    Not in love with the way your thighs look and worried about your next pool party or trip to the beach? Don’t fret. All you need is a bit of dedication to blast away some of the fat built up at the top of your legs. Here are five of the best thigh exercises you can do with almost no equipment.

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