Still Feeling Weak After Fighting the Flu?

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After a long winter, it’s common for many of us to feel weak. Many don’t get enough sun and use up their Vitamin D stores reserves. Others get trapped indoors and fall behind in their training schedules. And some come down with a seasonal bug, like the flu, which can sideline them for weeks.

In you feel behind on your training this spring, don’t fret. Many gym goers lose ground during winter, but the key to getting back to full intensity is taking it slow and restoring nutrients with health and workout supplements.

Trying to make up for lost time all at once is a risky strategy for recovery. In fact, athletes who do allot themselves time to ease back in and ramp up their training are more likely to injure themselves, stay sick for longer, or just plain give up. Fortunately, you can be back on the wagon in 2-3 weeks and back to full intensity within a 1-1.5 months. Here are a few things you should consider for recovery:

Revitalise With Supplements

Workout supplements and general health supplements can help you get back on track faster. A daily multivitamin delivers vital minerals and nutrients. And fish oil supplements, joint health supplements and boosters can all ensure you stay at optimal health. Once you’re ready to return to the gym, pre-workout supplements and protein powders can ensure your body has the necessary nutrients to return to performance.


Don’t Start Too Soon

Whatever reason you’ve been away, you’re probably eager to get back at it. But don’t move too quickly. If you’re still getting over the flu, you can actually do more harm than good in the gym. In fact, intense workouts divert the immune system to repairing the muscles and away from fighting an infection. Therefore, you might experience lingering symptoms or symptoms may return.

Ease Back In

Again, the key should be a slow start. A general rule of thumb: If you’ve been out for 2-4 weeks, it’s beneficial to take 2-4 weeks to return to your normal workout load. Therefore, after a month-long absence, you might start at 60 percent of your normal weight, and ramp it up 10 percent each week for the first month.

Scale Up Fast

After you’ve spent a week easing back into your routine, you can start to scale fast. Spend about 2-3 weeks ramping up your weight and sets, until you reach 100 percent of where you were before winter. You don’t want to move too quickly, though. Injuries happen when your body isn’t prepared.

Maintain Your Diet

During winter, your diet may have suffered like your exercise schedule. That’s OK, but when you get back into the gym, your nutrition needs to be on point. Protein powders will add a reliable source of protein to your diet, and workout supplements that include amino acids and other nutrients are helpful for getting back on track.

If you fell behind this winter, don’t be too hard on yourself. Instead, you can get started today and jumpstart your fitness regime with supplements and a planned recovery routine that gives the body enough time to heal.


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