Lifestyle Changes to Consider for 2017

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2017 is right around the corner, which means that’s it’s time to take a good long look at the year that was and start to tease out ways in which we could make our lives happier, healthier, and more fulfilled. While there are many changes that we can consider, we think that lifestyle changes are a big one.

What does your lifestyle look like right now? Eating too much junk? Not exercising as much as you should be? Drinking excessively? Working too hard? Not spending enough time doing what you love?

Here are some changes that you can make that will ensure that 2017 is that much brighter than 2016.

Switch to a healthier alcoholic drink of choice

If you drink, you might like to take a look at what you are drinking. While a single glass of red wine is good for antioxidants, a whole bottle certainly isn’t good for you. Switching up to something cleaner, like vodka and coconut water can have a positive effect both on your health, and on your waistline.

Quit smoking

There’s not much to be said here that you haven’t already heard. If you haven’t done it yet, or have tried to kick the habit before make 2017 the year you try again.. If that isn’t enough of an incentive think about all the performance you’re leaving on the table. Kick the smokes and you’ll be running longer, training harder and hitting those PB’s you’ve been dreaming about all year. Make 2017 the best you yet!

Commit yourself to finding your dream sport

If you aren’t getting enough exercise in, it may be because you haven’t found your dream sport yet. 2017 is the time to do it! Try everything! Whether it’s beachside yoga, wakeboarding, skiing, handball, pole dancing, boxing, or Ultimate Frisbee (that’s competitive Frisbee for the uninformed), get out there and try them all, if you need more help check out our blog on Summer sports for more inspiration!

Work smarter, not harder

If you’re finding that you don’t have enough time to do what you love because you’re working all the time, then you need to evaluate why you’re working as hard as you are – and how you’re going to fix it. This might involve delegating responsibility for tasks elsewhere, or re-defining your position so that you can have more time to do what you want.

Connect with family and friends more

Did you know that people who are more sociable live happier, longer lives? Make time for your family and friends, and seek out opportunities to get together. Make sure there’s plenty of laughs, outdoor spaces, and fun activities involved. It’ll give you a chance to strengthen relationships and help each other through the hard times, too.

Take care of your health

Make sure that your body is operating in peak condition. If you aren’t getting your daily nutritional needs through your diet, then adding daily multivitamin supplements is a great way to get what you need without having to always be cooking up a range of different meals. Have a look at our General Health section for all your daily needs.

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