Ghost Your Way to Fitness

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Words don’t mean what they used to. In the dating world, ‘ghosting’ is a way to show a potential interest that they’re now dead to you, by ignoring them and cutting off communication, often without explanation. Which might prompt gym time as a form of self-care. Whatever drove you to the gym, Ghost brand of supplements can get you into the kind of shape that might make your ghost do a double-take, which is always nice.

They say revenge is the best motive for a work-out, but we disagree. It may get you into the gym, but exercise should be about you. Find a way to make it pleasurable and work towards your own goals. That’s the only way to make it a lifestyle, because revenge-gymming is short-lived, and so are its results.

Once your mind is right, talk to a nutritionist and fitness trainer about your body goals. Most people want to build muscle, trim fat, and work on trouble spots like abdominal flab or cellulite. Exercise and diet are key, with diet accounting for 75% of your body-shaping efforts. In addition to a healthier lifestyle, you want supplements that burn fat, boost metabolism, and encourage muscle growth.

Stack up

If you’re unsure of where to start, begin with a stack order of Ghost essentials – Whey, Legend, and BCAA. Ghost has a reputation for its full-disclosure labelling policy and curiously specific flavours, like blueberry toaster pastry, peanut butter cereal milk, and coffee ice cream. Ghost Whey has 100% whey blended from an isolate concentrate, and hydrolysate plus natural enzymes. Each scoop is 130 calories containing 25g of protein. Recommended servings are two scoops in a large glass of cold water (300ml or 360ml) taken once a day.

Legend is great for pre-workout, offering double the energy levels of leading market brands. It’s packed with –ines (citrulline, alanine, agmatine, norvaline, caffeine, taurine, theobromine) plus citrus Aurantium at only five calories per scoop. It utilises L-citrulline, which has proven superiority over the more common citrulline malate. It’s a powerhouse, so stick to two scoops a day max, and only on training days.

As an alternative to sugar-filled carbonised energy drinks, go for Ghost BC AA with it’s 2:1:1 ratio of leucine, isoleucine, and valine. The mix of instant BCAA and astragin pumps into your bloodstream in seconds. Use it during or after exercise, though it also works as a get-through-the-day pick-me-up at just five calories a scoop.

Pack up

When size matters, use a scoop or two of Ghost Size, packed with the maximum allowable dose of creatine, betaine, astragin, epicatechin, and beta-alanine (by clinical standards). It facilitates muscle mass development. The epicatechin inhibits myostatin and builds muscle. It’s a zero-calorie supplement, safe for daily use, and can be mixed with water and/or whey but keep it within two scoops a day. If you’re working out, take it within the first 30 minutes post-session, though you can use it on rest days too.

For a slightly heavier dose of BCAA, try Ghost Amino. Its ten-calorie-per-scoop formulation contains raw coconut water, calcium, potassium, sodium, amino acids, and smart hydration, insantised for quick absorption. It contains 5g of BCAA per scoop, as compared to the 6g in a scoop of Ghost BCAA formulation, but it has twice the number of calories per scoop and is infused with calcium, coconut, and 7 additional amino acids that Ghost BCAA doesn’t have.

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