Create the ultimate V: The best exercises for a bigger chest and shoulders

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If you want to create the ultimate V-shape, building a bigger chest and shoulders is the perfect place to start. While you will need to add these shoulder and chest exercises into a complete body workout, there are definitely plenty of ways to define your upper body while building mass for a larger overall look.

First off, you need to sort out your diet if you want to make any real changes to your body. Next, workout, specifically combining cardio with strength training to make the most of your efforts. Lastly, add some supplements to your routine. If you want to gain muscle mass, check out creatine supplements and mass gainer supplements , such as Max’s SuperSize or Dymatize Super Mass Gainer.

Now we’ve got that straight, it’s time to learn about the best shoulder exercises and best chest exercises for getting the massive upper body you’ve always dreamed of.

Dumbbell Chest Press

Lie on a bench holding a dumbbell in each hand, with your arms straight above your chest and palms facing forward. Lower the dumbbells to the side of your chest, then squeeze the weights back up to the start position. That’s one rep. Do eight reps per set, and increase the weight for each set.

Bear Crawl

Bear Crawl

Start in the lowered push-up position, with your arms bent, body straight, hips slightly elevated and your knees just above the ground. Simultaneously move your right hand and your left foot forward a few inches, keeping your back straight and without changing the position of your torso. Alternate with the left hand and right foot, to travel 10 metres forward and then 10 metres back.

TRX Press-up

For more of a workout, try push-ups with a TRX. Lower the handles on your TRX until they reach the middle of your shin. Start in the push-up position, with your palms flat to the floor and your toes resting in the handles of the TRX. Keeping your body flat and engaged, bend your elbows to lower your chest to the floor. Reverse the movement, and continue to failure.



Stand with your arms at your sides and your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Hold dumbbells or a barbell at thigh level and shrug your shoulders straight up, being careful not to roll them. Pause, and then lower your shoulders back down.

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