Triceps – Parallel Bar Dips

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Parallel bar dips will help you really gauge your progress. As you get stronger and strip fat, it’ll get easier and easier.

Main and Helper muscles targeted


  • Compound exercise


  • Main muscle targeted – Triceps, Chest, Pecs


  • Helper muscles – Middle Back, Shoulders

Male | Female


Stand between the bars and get yourself in the starting position, Your arms should be almost straight, but with a slight bend at the elbow.

Lower your body until your arms are bent beyond 90 degrees. Keep your movement smooth and controlled.

Pause at the bottom of the movement, then raise your body back up to the starting position.

Why it’s good:

Because you have to hold yourself in a very rigid position, it’s great for the whole of your arms, but especially the backs.

What to watch out for:

Try to avoid swinging. You want to get a good motion that is in control the whole way.

Parallel bar dips exercise

Parallel bar dips exercise

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