Chest – Low Cable Crossover

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The low cable crossover is a simple workout that works a lot of your body, so when building up those chest muscles, you’ll also be building the surrounding supporting muscles too.


      • Compound Exercise


      • Main muscle targeted – Chest


      • Helper muscles – Shoulders

Male | Female


Select the desired weight and pick up the handles. Step forward until the pulleys are under tension and your arms are straight.

Bend your elbows slightly and draw your hands up towards the middle of your body. Your hands should meet in front of you like a clap (but with clenched fists)

Pause in front of you, then return the arms to your sides. Keep the movement under control the whole way.

Why it’s good:

Because you’re leaning into it, the whole body is activated in this exercise.

What to watch out for:

Don’t let the cable go slack. If you’re lifting heavy it can pull your arm from the socket, which is really painful and takes a long time to heal.




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