• Fat Loss Stacks for Male Teen

    Fat Loss Stacks for Male Teen

    By Kareem - July 15, 2014


    As a teenage guy, your weight will fluctuate a lot. If you're trying to lose a few kilos though, the good news is that it's actually fairly easy at your age, if you're willing to look after yourself a bit.


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    Supps That Can Help:


    Diet and exercise are the most important things, but if you're finding it hard to get the nutrients you need, a good low carb protein supplement can help boost your protein levels in your diet. This is because protein is what your muscles need to build and repair muscle, and as we mentioned earlier, muscle burns fat. Because it's low carb, you won't get bulky either.


    You need your body running efficiently to burn fat, so making sure you have all the nutrients your body needs is massively important. A good multi will cover any gaps you might have in your diet. You still need to eat sensibly, but this will help make it a little easier.


    BCAAs are amino acids that are absorbed very quickly by your body. They go to work repairing and re-energising your muscles pretty much straight away, so when you take them during exercise, it gives you that little push you might need to work a little harder, for longer.

    What to Eat:

    As a teen, the best thing you can do to lose weight is be active and eat clean. One thing you must be clear on, is that starving yourself is NOT the answer. Starvation diets help you lose a little bit of fat, but also wastes away a lot of muscle. Fat is burned by muscle, so the less muscle you have, the less fat you can burn, the more likely you are to put on weight. You see the vicious cycle? Just try to eat a little better each week. More vegetables and complex carbs, less fats and sugars. Switch to fruit for snacks, have roasted vegetables with meals instead of chips, and avoid anything fried. Making little changes can really add up over time.

    How to Exercise:

    Try to be as active as you can. If you're in a sporting team, think about doing extra training sessions that can help you. For example, if you're a footballer, consider doing two or three sessions a week in the pool so you can work on your cardio, and have the gas tank to run out a game when everyone else is ready to collapse. You can join a gym, basketball team, running club or any number of things, as long as you're active.


    Take your time with the weight loss. Losing weight is just about using more kilojoules than you eat, but keeping it off means changing a lot of habits that you've had for a while. Take your time, get used to the changes and just keep at it. you'll get there.


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