• Fat Loss Stacks for Male 20-39

    Fat Loss Stacks for Male 20-39

    By Kareem - July 15, 2014

    Losing weight is never easy, and keeping it off can be hard if you aren't eating right. You can’t just starve yourself and expect to look or feel good, it takes a combination of the right nutrition, training and effort to get good results. There are some supplements that can make it that little bit easier though.


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    Supps That Can Help:


    You need protein to build and repair muscles, but your body doesn't store it like it does fat. Making sure you've got some in your system (especially after a workout when you need it the most) can really help you build that clean, lean muscle. There are also protein supplements that have some fat burning ingredients in them as well, so you get a bit of a boost to your body's fat burning ability.


    If your diet is missing some important nutrients, your body may not be running as effectively as you might think it is. Getting a good multivitamin can be exactly what you need to get the nutrients you've been missing out on.


    BCAAs are amino acids that are absorbed very quickly by your body. They go to work repairing and re-energising your muscles pretty much straight away, so when you take them during exercise, it gives you that little push you might need to work a little harder, for longer.

    Fat burners

    Fat burners won't do the work for you, but they can be that little boost you need to get the results you want sooner. You can pick from thermogenics that increase your body temp a little, to metabolisers that top up your body's levels of it's own fat burning stuff.


    It can take a while for you to see results, you body has to reverse the momentum it's had for a while. Stick at it, some people take months to show good weight loss, but during that time they've lost loads of internal fat and put on good muscle. Remember, the aim is health, not a number on the scale.

    What to Eat:

    What you eat is the most important part of being healthy, especially weight loss. There are lots of weight loss products on the market, and they can help you lose weight while you use them, but if you keep you old habits, you'll just put the kilos back on later.

    Make sure you eat the right amount of complex carbs, good fats and protein in your meals, and try to plan ahead as much as possible. Cooking up your lunches for the week on a Sunday afternoon is something that will save you time, money and it makes sure you've got healthy, home-cooked food on hand, instead of convenient but unhealthy fast food.

    How to Exercise:

    This is the prime time of your life. You're a grown man with peak testosterone levels and vitality. Use it! Push yourself to work hard, then keep the effort up. If you can find a good personal trainer, it can be well worth the expense to get a training program customised to your needs.

    To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you eat. To keep it off, you need lean muscle. This burns a lot more calories than non-lean muscle, so it makes it a lot easier to stay at your healthy weight once you get there.

    Don't be afraid to lift heavy weights, it's the best way to get good, lean muscle. Mix in some good cardio High Intensity Interval Training and you're on your way to the body (and health) that you want!

    Design your own stack:

    Feel free to make a stack to suit your needs (and budget). We've selected some appropriate products below:

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