• Fat Loss Stacks for Female Teen

    Fat Loss Stacks for Female Teen

    By Kareem - July 15, 2014

    There is a lot of pressure on teenagers to look good, but if you can feel great too, why not do it? And you can, a healthy body will give you the energy and drive to enjoy each day, all without starving yourself or missing out on the things you want to do.


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    Supps That Can Help:

    Low Carb Protein

    You should be getting carbs in your food, so you can skip them in your protein shake. Having a good, lean protein boost immediately after exercise will help your body build that lean muscle you want, as well as recover from your workout faster. You will still need to eat proper meals, but this is absorbed much quicker, so your body can get to work on recovering that little bit sooner.


    Even with careful planning, it's quite easy to miss those important micro-nutrients and trace minerals. Getting a good multivitamin can make sure your body has everything it needs to operate at peak efficiency. It's much easier to stay active when you feel energetic and enthusiastic, and getting the vitamins you need will keep your mind in top condition as well as your body, so getting a good multi should be one of the first things you look for.


    If you want to build those muscles, you need to really stress them and lift heavy. To lift heavy more often, taking BCAAs during a workout can help keep your muscles fresh and energised. BCAAs are amino acids that can bypass your liver and kidneys to go straight to work on your muscles, repairing them and removing fatigue toxins. It's that little bit of help that can mean you get those extra few reps in that really make a difference later.

    Green Tea Extract

    Green tea is rich in antioxidants and can help boost your body's metabolism and fat burning ability, so feel free to brew a fresh cup whenever you like! If you're not big on drinking tea, or if you just prefer a quicker option, you can get green tea extract supplements. It's just a matter of preference.


    For the first few months, ignore the scale and use the mirror. Your weight will fluctuate as your body adapts to your diet and exercise level, but if you look in the mirror and see that little improvement, it's much more encouraging and who knows, you may even feel like taking a selfie or two.

    What to Eat:

    Eating frequent small meals with plenty of fresh vegetables is a start, but don't forget to include the complex carbohydrates, protein and good fats into your food plan.

    The idea of eating to lose weight might seem odd, but it's absolutely true. If you skip meals, your body will try to conserve your fat, and it will break down your muscles for energy as well. Because you use muscle to burn fat, the less muscle you have, the less fat you can burn, so putting on some lean muscle is very important.

    How to Exercise:

    Let me begin with this important point: You will NOT get bulky by working hard. It is plainly impossible for a female your age to walk out of a gym looking like a man. Mixing in a heavy weights session into your workouts will have an effect though, you'll build fat destroying lean muscle and it'll make those curves all the more taught and firm.

    It might be worth getting a trainer or coach to look at your technique too, one good rep with heavy weights is worth more than ten bad ones, and it comes with a lot less risk of injury.

    Design your own stack:

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