• Fat Loss Stacks for Female 40+

    Fat Loss Stacks for Female 40+

    By Kareem - July 15, 2014

    Ladies, putting on some good muscle is a fantastic way to get a healthy, toned body. Don't be afraid to go for the heavy weights either, you won't get "bulky" but you might get some good, lean and firm muscle that looks and feels great!


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    Supps That Can Help:


    Not getting the protein you need will limit your ability to build lean muscle, and lengthen the time it takes for you to recover. After exercise, your body will be screaming out for protein, and if it doesn't have any available, it'll strip it from other muscles. Naturally, this is bad, so having a rapidly absorbed protein shake will help build and recover quicker.

    A blend of Isolates and concentrates can help you get that quick fix, as well as a longer lasting protein boost to tide you over until your next meal.


    If protein is the building blocks of muscles, then vitamins are the mortar that holds them together. There are dozens of important vitamins and minerals, and unless you're very watchful on what you eat, it's easy to miss out on some. Get a good multivitamin to make sure you've got all those little nutrients your body needs to operate at peak efficiency.


    If you want to build those muscles, you need to really stress them and lift heavy. To lift heavy more often, taking BCAAs during a workout can help keep your muscles fresh and energised. BCAAs are amino acids that can bypass your liver and kidneys to go straight to work on your muscles, repairing them and removing fatigue toxins. It's that little bit of help that can mean you get those extra few reps in that really make a difference later.

    Fat burner

    Fat burners won't do the work for you, but they can be that little boost you need to get the results you want sooner. You can pick from thermogenics that increase your body temp a little, to metabolisers that top up your body's levels of it's own fat burning stuff.


    Building muscle for a female teen is all about time and momentum. Don't worry if it feels like you're not getting quick results, at the start you'll be burning fat and putting on muscle, so your weight may be the same, but eventually you'll see a little more firmness, feel a little stronger and by that time, you're on your way to get the body you really want.

    What to Eat:

    If you want to put on good, toned muscle, you'll need to be eating good food, frequently. Try to get 5-6 healthy meals per day. Vegetables should be a big part of your diet, but don't skimp on the protein or healthy fats either. You'll need them and some complex carbs as well if you want to get that hard muscle you're after.

    How to Exercise:

    Like we said earlier, don't be afraid to work hard. Spending hours in the cardio area of the gym is OK, but it won't be as good for that hard-body as mixing in some short and intense exercise.

    It might be worth getting a trainer or coach to look at your technique too, one good rep with heavy weights is worth more than ten bad ones, and it comes with a lot less risk of injury.

    Design your own stack:

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