• Herbs of Gold – Women’s Multi plus Grape Seed

    In 1989 Herbs of Gold began as a humble herbal liquid product range in Australia, with a desire to promote good health and well-being. For over 25 years Herbs of Gold have been improving and expanding their range of nutritional supplements and therapeutic herbal products to give Australian’s health supplements produced with the highest quality ingredients available. Continue reading

  • Muscle Building stacks for Females over 35





    Buildiing muscle doesn't mean you're going to look like a man. And the older we get the more beneficial it becomes to our overall health and actually helps improve every day life!
    Knowing what is in your supplements is always important, but for women who are looking to build lean muscle and not put on too much excess body fat, it becomes crucial to know not just how much protein you are getting but things like added sugars, carbs and fillers that are going to hinder your performance more than help it. Below are three stacks designed to give you the best chance of gaining lean muscle.
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  • Muscle Building stacks for Females under 35





    Sometimes girls are put off by the words "building muscle", but muscle definitely doesn't mean you're going to lose your femininity! Building muscle is a crucial part to getting toned and defined and can seriously help with your booty goals!
    There are however some supplements that in general circumstances, are fine for men however should be avoided by females. Below we have taken the guess work out and provided three different level stacks to help you build lean muscle and aid in getting a toned and defined figure.


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  • Weight loss stacks for Females over 35





    As we get older, it tends to get harder to find time to do all the things we did when we were younger. As a result, we may become less active and end up putting on a little more weight than we would like.
    The important thing to remember is the best way to lose weight is regular exercise and a healthy diet. That means no starving yourself and don't go looking for a magic pill that will work overnight.

    while there are no magic pills that will drop unwanted fat in the blink of an eye, there are definitely supplements that can help when used in conjunction with the right nutrition and exercise plan.
    Below are three supplement stacks we have put together to help you on your journey and take the guess work out of weight loss supplements.
    From Protein powders to help fuel your muscle gain, BCAAs to refuel and repair the muscles you breakdown during exercise and Fat Burners that can increase metabolism, boost energy and kick your body into a fat burning machine, these are our top picks for Females over the age of 35 who are looking at losing body fat.


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  • Weight loss stacks for Females under 35





    Losing weight is a different game for everyone. Some people are lucky enough to find them losing body fat without even trying, and others feel like no matter what they do they just can't get the scales down.
    You need to understand your body and know what it needs. Fact is, for most people it takes more than just cardio to lose that unwanted body fat.
    A stable diet is a vital part of weight loss and that means more than just starving yourself. Your body needs enough fuel to perform at its highest level while avoiding unwanted calories.

    If you feel that your workout regime and nutrition are strong enough, but still want the extra edge to help burn body fat, there are a ton of supplements that can help give you a boost in the right direction.

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  • Women's Weight Management Under the Microscope - What Supplements Do You Need?

    Weight management is an issue that stands out to many ladies. Keeping our weight down while remaining strong and toned is one of those fitness goals that many of us jot down in that first personal training session that you set up at the gym. Unlike men, often we don't want to add bulk to our frames, we want to remain slim. It's not about those gains for us!
    Fortunately, there are supplements specifically targeted at women that can help to do just that - stay strong, fit, and toned, without adding bulk. Supps R Us has some great products that can help.

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  • Women's Health Supplement Options When You Are Trying to Conceive

    We’ve come a long way since the days of unassisted births and unattended deliveries. These days, we know a lot more about childbirth and the mortality rate has drastically dropped, even in the third world. Here in Australia, we are familiar with pre-natal care. Often our self-care begins pre-conception, as we prepare our minds and bodies for new life.

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  • Women's Health in Focus: What Supplements Do You Need?

    There is a dizzying amount of women’s health supplements on the market today, and it can be difficult to decide what is important to take for your personal health. Although each woman is different, below are a few suggestions for supplements that are helpful for many women across the board when faced with issues like anxiety and stress, discomfort related to menstruation, weight loss, and sleep.

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  • Fat Loss Stacks for Female Teen

    There is a lot of pressure on teenagers to look good, but if you can feel great too, why not do it? And you can, a healthy body will give you the energy and drive to enjoy each day, all without starving yourself or missing out on the things you want to do.

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  • Fat Loss Stacks for Female 40+

    Ladies, putting on some good muscle is a fantastic way to get a healthy, toned body. Don't be afraid to go for the heavy weights either, you won't get "bulky" but you might get some good, lean and firm muscle that looks and feels great!

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