• Three Tips to Get Your Healthy Diet Back on Track

    Getting your nutrition up to speed is never as easy as it sounds - if following a healthy diet was effortless, then we’d all have six-pack abs all year round!

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  • What is reverse dieting?

    So let’s say you’ve gone on a responsible diet (not one of those ridiculous fads), in which you’ve cut back on both the amount of food you eat and the amount of unhealthy food you consume. Congratulations. Sticking to a solid dietary plan takes a lot of dedication and planning. But the hard part might still lie ahead. While dropping weight initially is quite the achievement, keeping it off going forward is the main goal. One of the best ways to do so is through the practice of reverse dieting. Continue reading

  • What is a Pegan diet?

    People are always looking for a way to get a leg up on weight loss. This often leads to trying a variety of different diets, usually with varying levels of long-term success. One of the latest diet trends is the Pegan diet. The Pegan diet combines the instructions of the Paleo diet with the rules for living a vegan lifestyle. Continue reading

  • The fine line between dieting and developing an eating disorder

    People that want to lose weight often try to turn to diets to help them with their goals. They think that eating certain kinds of foods and ignoring others is a surefire, easy way to get the body they want. But that most likely is not the case. Along with often not working, diets can actually lead to long term behaviour that is detrimental to health. Continue reading

  • Lose weight with these simple eating habit adjustments

    Working out and using key fat burners and weight loss supplements such as Maxine’s Burn are some of the best ways to lose weight. But they most likely won’t do the trick on their own. Another vital part of any successful weight loss routine is your everyday diet. Blowing out your diet and filling your body with junk will nullify much of the hard work the aforementioned exercise and supplements can do. Here are a few simple things you can do to your diet to get you on your way to dropping those unwanted kilos. Continue reading

  • Is the Obesity Crisis a myth?


    The dangers of the Obesity Crisis and dieting

    Obesity is a scary word that is often thrown around without merit. There is a difference between being overweight and being obese. Continue reading

  • Blood Type Diet

    The Blood Type Diet is based on the idea that different blood types react differently with the various blood types.

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  • Eating for fat loss

    At a basic level, you lose fat when you take in less energy (Calories/Kilojoules) than your body uses throughout the day. You still need energy to live, so to get the energy it needs, your body takes it from your fat stores, so you lose weight. Continue reading

  • Gluten Free Diet

    You will have seen “gluten free” on everything from pasta to protein powder, but what are the benefits of a gluten free diet, and why has the popularity of it exploded lately?

    And what's so bad about gluten anyway? Continue reading

  • Lactose Free Diet

    Lactose intolerance has been around for a long time, and there are a lot of people who suffer from it. Whether you’re slightly discomforted or emitting more gas than  a jet airliner, you might benefit from lowering the amount of lactose in your diet. Continue reading

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