• How Nutritional Needs Differ Between Men and Women

    Ever sat there and wondered whether it’d be such a big deal if you had your partner’s multivitamin, just today, just because you’d run out? While in most cases it’d be perfectly safe to supplement with an opposite sex tablet for a day or two, it’s not really recommended – because men and women have varying nutritional needs. Here’s the main differences between men’s and women’s multis:

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  • Nutritional Basics - What You Should Be Getting in Your Diet Daily

    It can be difficult to know what you need in your diet. With a saturation of information talking about superfoods, bad fats, and kale smoothies, separating out the basics can be difficult, confounded with all this noise.

    That is why we have put together this article about the straight basics of daily nutrition. Read on to learn what you need to be getting in your diet.

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  • In the Kitchen with Supps R Us: Eddy's Proats!

    In this episode of In The Kitchen With Supps R Us, Eddy shows us how to make his awesome protein packed oats recipe.

    Packed full of protein and other nutrient goodness, this is the perfect way to start your day and get your morning Protein intake!

    Watch as Eddy takes us through step by step how to create this awesome breakfast
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  • In the Kitchen with Supps R Us: Eddy's Salmon, Potatoes & Salad

    In this episode of In the Kitchen with Supps R Us, #TeamOrange athlete Eddy Ung shows us one of his favourite Salmon dishes which is PACKED full of flavour and is super simple to cook!
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  • Vitamin B – What is It and Why We Need It

    What is Vitamin B

    Vitamin B is a group of vitamins that help in cell metabolism. There are eight different types of B vitamins: B1 known as thiamine, B2 known as riboflavin, B3 known as niacin, B5 known as pantothenic, B6 known as pyridoxine, B7 known as biotin, B9 known as folic acid, and B12 known as cobalamins.

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  • Five Ways to Speed Up Your Weight Loss

    Weight loss takes time and considered effort, but there are some simple ways that you can support your weight loss journey so you reach your goal sooner and with fewer hurdles.

    We gathered our top five tips to help you speed up your journey!

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  • Three Tips to Get Your Healthy Diet Back on Track

    Getting your nutrition up to speed is never as easy as it sounds - if following a healthy diet was effortless, then we’d all have six-pack abs all year round!

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  • Supplement Vs Food Intake Vitamin C

     What is Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is a nutrient that is effective at boosting the immune system, making it more equipped to fight the common cold and for other infections. Vitamin C has been proven to be effective against eye disease and skin wrinkles. Recent studies have shown that regular intake of Vitamin C can improve your lifespan.

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  • Don't be a chicken in the kitchen!


    Don’t Be a Chicken in the Kitchen

    It’s impossible to achieve peak muscle-building mode without a sustained, strong stream of protein coursing through your body. The amino acids found within protein are what allow your body to build and repair muscle tissue. Continue reading

  • 5 Off-the-Radar Muscle Building Foods


    If you want to get serious of building muscle, it’s time to stop relying solely on pumping iron and start incorporating your diet into your training regime. In addition to keeping a supply of mass gainer supplements and protein supplements on hand, developing and maintaining a solid eating routine is the quickest, safest way to add rippling muscle to your frame. Continue reading

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