Setting and Achieving Goals

  • The Right Protein for Your Fitness Goals

    Any way you slice it, protein in your diet is essential to building muscle and increasing overall fitness. With so many protein products on the market today, however, it can be difficult to know which protein products are right for you and your personal fitness goals. Whether you are looking to build lean muscle or put on some serious bulk, there are a great variety of protein products available to help you fulfil your protein needs and reach your optimal fitness.

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  • Five Ways to Speed Up Your Weight Loss

    Weight loss takes time and considered effort, but there are some simple ways that you can support your weight loss journey so you reach your goal sooner and with fewer hurdles.

    We gathered our top five tips to help you speed up your journey!

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  • 10 Mistakes that are hurting your health goals

    The first step in getting healthy is that you have to want to. Not just kind of, maybe, if I feel like it I wouldn’t mind losing a few kilos - you have to want it bad! Continue reading

  • Dedication, Focus and Consistency

    Making a goal is fairly easy. You decide what you want most and make a plan to get it. Sticking to that plan is the tricky bit.

    On the way to achieving that goal, there will be loads of setbacks. It’s how you deal with these that will decide whether you achieve your goal or not. The three things you MUST have to achieve anything worthwhile are dedication, focus and consistency. Continue reading

  • Getting started

    How many of us have goals that we’ll get to “One day”? Ever made plans to learn to surf? Play an instrument? Start your own business? Maybe even the big one: Get healthier?

    Imagine if you started that goal when you first thought of it? How far along would you be now? You might even be finished! Continue reading

  • Goal Setting

    Trying to achieve something without setting goals is like trying to find a friends house by driving down every street in their suburb. You might find it eventually through dumb luck or persistence, but there are much easier ways.
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  • How to use visualisation

    You can’t get a strong body without a strong mind, but even if you’ve got a will of solid steel, it can sometimes be hard to focus it and do what you need to do.

    When you think about that, you can see why it’s important to exercise your mind, and put it to good use. This is where visualisation can be really helpful, and if done right, can actually be just as important as physical practice. It won’t ever replace physical practice though.
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  • Making a timeline

    An important part of motivation is to always have a reason to keep going. A target that you have to hit, so you can justify those early starts or late nights.

    With that in mind, here’s a guide on how to set up a timeline: Continue reading

  • Self Improvement

    There’s more to self improvement than buying a philosophy book or getting tweets from your favourite guru, self improvement is an ongoing process. It’s easy to just let things go as they are, but it takes  a lot of willpower to shift your habits and get yourself moving in a new direction.
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  • Stress Management

    With so many demands on our time, body and mind, we can often feel like we’re under massive amounts of pressure. This stress might be caused by a micromanaging supervisor, a whining kid, overbearing in-laws, that car in front of you that doesn’t seem to know how to use blinkers or you might just be stressed without really knowing why.

    Properly dealing with stress is very important for general health. Your mind and body depend on each other, so dealing with stress is one of the most important things to your health that you can imagine.
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