Motivation Tips

  • Five Fun Ways To Stay Motivated During The Cooler Months

    Winter’s starting to set in and motivation to workout is slowing down as the sun rises later and sets earlier. Who doesn’t wish that daylight savings could last all year?! Getting out of bed is harder and harder and the thought of venturing into the cold, dark night (even though technically it’s morning) is just unbearable. Continue reading

  • Is it possible to lose weight without dieting?

    Luckily for you, the short answer is yes. It seems like there’s a new trendy diet hitting every month. This one wants you to stop eating carbs. This one wants you to do a six-day cleanse with juice that tastes like it’s been left on your car’s dashboard for week in the middle of summer. And this one wants you to stuff your face with red meat morning, noon and night. You don’t need these foolish fads to drop excess weight. Now, this most definitely does not mean you can stuff your face with donuts and lollies whenever you want. But, you can keep everything in your diet, in moderation, of course, if you follow some of these rules. Continue reading

  • Dieting: Sometimes it’s in the genes

    Sometimes life just isn’t fair. You and your friend can go on the same diet and consume the exact same amounts of the exact same foods and he or she might be the only one of you two that drops any meaningful weight. Does this mean you’re not trying hard enough? Not necessarily. Scientists have discovered that the effects of dieting can be heavily influenced by your genetic makeup. Continue reading

  • How to get amped for your next workout session


    Working out can be a pain, both literally and figuratively. First of all, it can seem nearly impossible to even carve out the necessary time to get your physical activity in. With work, family and other everyday obligations dragging you in all sorts of directions, getting into the gym, out on your bike or in your running shoes can be a difficult task. Continue reading

  • Get social, get active and get strong with dance fitness classes

    If you’ve tried the gym and it just didn’t work for you, it may be time to check out dance fitness classes in your area. Combining some of the best exercises for weight loss, the best fat burning exercises and the best cardio exercises, dance fitness can help you lose weight and burn fat – while you get stronger and fitter. And the best thing? It doesn’t even feel like you’re going to the gym! Continue reading

  • Four easy meditation exercises to help you sleep

    It can happen to anyone. You work late. You hit the gym late. You get home late. Whether it’s the change of routine or the fact that you’re still pumped from your workout, getting to sleep at your normal time just isn’t going to happen. So, how can you enjoy a more restful night’s sleep and ready yourself for another big workout the following day? Meditation is a great way to relax and can help you get to sleep even when you still feel wound up. Here are four easy tricks to try next time you are having trouble sleeping. Continue reading

  • 10 excuses not to start training (And why they’re crap)

    Our mind will always push back against criticism. It’s a very normal and healthy thing, someone points out a flaw in you, and your mind says “They’re wrong, you’re freaking awesome!”. The same thing is true when you’re doing something that you don’t really want to do. You come up with excuses not to do it, but excuses aren’t reasons. They’re just a way for you to justify not doing something.

    Continue reading

  • 10 Tips to being a better version of you


    Sure, “Better” is often a judgement call. What one person considers a character flaw, someone else might think is an adorable trait, however there are certain things we can all improve on that will benefit our quality of life, even in small ways.

    Continue reading

  • Motivating your significant other

    This is something dreaded by everyone. You’ve got someone you care about deeply, who you might even want to share the rest of your life with and you want that to be a long and happy life together. There’s just this tiiiiiiiiny problem. Continue reading

  • What type of motivation do you need?

    Knowing what motivates you (and those around you) is important if you want to achieve something. There’s no point setting yourself a goal to finish a marathon when your key motivation is financial incentives, and a marathon doesn’t have any. Continue reading

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